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Thanks for including my blog in your list, Donna. I do agree with you--so many of our stories can be told better with photos. They add to and enrich what we say with our words. Thanks for showing us all how to do it better!

Donna Raagas

What I really like about your blog is that you're not wordy, yet you say so much! You get right to the heart of your photo-messages, and they're always so interesting!


Thank you so much for adding my photo blog to your list--and being a part of such good company of photographer. Much as I love writing and the written word, sometimes a photo or an image can say so much more, really distill the essence of a moment. About a couple of years ago I began taking photography close into my daily life, and began noticing so much more around me. A moment in time is always what I'm looking for, and always happy to be in the midst of. Magic moments... :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Donna Raagas

That is what I love about A Certain Slant of Light--images that draw you in and evoke feelings from the reader, with a tight caption that puts the reader in your kitchen, or local bakery, or at the window with Charlie, or seaside, walking with you and Dear Husband. The clarity of your photos and the daylight that brightens the images always makes me feel lighthearted and eager to enjoy MY day!


Wow! Thank you for including me!! I think crafty people are very visual people so pictures always work better than lots of words. What a great blog you have here!

Donna Raagas

Thank you! Likewise! Every time I go to your website I realize I have to make time to do some sewing--I do it so sporadically anymore!

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