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This is fun, Donna! I have to admit I'm the least sporty person there is... LOL! I practice yoga, which I love though. A problem for me is that I don't sweat properly, like supposed to, so doing certain sports actually makes me feel ill as I over-heat and get dizzy. Gym class was terrible in school days. Anyway, I like how you used a specific topic here. Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

Donna Raagas

Thanks, Tracy. The best part of my tennis experience, as you read, was the pedicure & manicure! The chair I sat in had back massage rollers and kneaders. It's Monday again, and I'm seriously thinking about going to my favorite manicurist who gives me finger and forearm massage. I really need that today!(For anyone wondering what this exchange has to do with a tiny horse, you'll want to read "P + S: What Tennis can Lead To".)

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