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Very interesting topics, Donna! I agree, original photos are the best for pretty much everything. I never really use the photo function on cell phone, as I prefer to just use my camera, which I have with me all the time anyway. I've not had experience with Blackberry either... Hopefully someone will leave a comment here with feedback on that! Happy Weekend :o) ((HUGS))

Donna Raagas

My kids havecameras, but its just so much more convenientfor that generation to catch a memory spontaneously with their phones! And now that Ive said that, I have to admit that I snapped a double rainbow the other day with my phone, because I didnt have my camera! (Of course, I was disappointed in the result.)


I rarely take cell phone photos, since I try to have my camera with me. But there have been a few times my kids take photos with their phones where I wish they had a better one! I have taken some photos off their facebook pages, but as you say, haven't been able to use them. I need to get the originals!

Donna Raagas

We need to get our kids to email their original digital photos to us, or make a cd for us, or upload to a photo sharing site that saves pictures at their original resolution--maybe I'll start a Facebook fan page called "Kids, send us camera photos"--you've got me thinking...

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