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I love the one where she's walking so I think that is K2. Her face tells it's own story where the other one she has kind of a distorted look when you take just her face and can't see the whole picture.

Donna Raagas

Thanks for voting, Ronda! There are things about each picture that grab me, but I can't articulate what they are the way you have. I appreciate your insight! (Hey, we have to get together...)


I definitely vote for K2 because I see Kalaiya's face much more clearly and she's so full of joy!

Donna Raagas

Thanks for your vote, Renate! So many people are describing what they like best about the pictures. That's great, because I haven't been able to identify my favorite things about each picture. She does look full of joy, doesn't she? She's dying to walk, and when someone holds her so her feet touch the ground, she anxiously walks or dances, and her face just lights up! I'll tell you, it's SO HARD to leave those girls each time we visit!


Oh, my goodness how sweet is she?! I think I like K2 as well--though you can't see her walking in the crop, the joy in her face says delight! What a lovely gift to make & give, Donna--everyone will love this. And so very nice of you to extend this as a gift to us all--thank you! Happy Week ((HUGS)) P.S. Thanks so much for your comment on my cleanse-detox post. That lemonade cleanse you tried sounded pretty harsh--yikes! The combo in the drink sounded nasty. I'm doing just hot lemon water and really liking it. I plan to post more--check back if you can. :o)

Diana Fairhurst

I have to vote for K2! It seems that she's facing forward more - she sure is a cutie-patootie!

Donna Raagas

Thanks for your vote, Diana! She is a cutie-pie--she laughs a lot and is generally curious and happy.

Donna Raagas

Thanks for voting, Tracy! I came back from vacation and realized that in so many of my pictures of the girls, they looked like Maggie Simpson--the perennial pacifier in their mouths! Kalaiya is pretty eager to be upright--she loves it when people help her walk and dance. K2 is the front running photo...

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