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Those are such sweet photos! Great guidelines/tips, Donna! Wishing you & yours a very sweet Valentine Weekend :o) ((HUGS))

Donna Raagas

Thanks Tracy! Bouquets of love to you and yours this special weekend! Youre obviously a romantic, and that makes celebrating Valentines Day even more frothy and lovely! ~Donna

Grace Radacellini

"Ok, so you give me this wonderful medium to paint with and no paper? What did you expect?"

Donna Raagas

My friend, Grace, couldn't open the blog, but she saw the birthday picture with my blog link on Facebook and she wrote her clever caption. "That's the spirit, Grace! I'm giving you a postcard to make, and I'm sending you this other picture via FB to caption or describe--because I love to see your creativity in action!"


I'm gonna take my ball and go home! So there!

Donna Raagas

Good one, Valerie! Im ashamed to admit that because it's been so long, I don't remember what made him so sad(?) mad(?) dejected(?)! But it was memorable enough at the time, that I took a picture. Thanks for participating! Look for a card...

Grace Radacellini

"All the things I have to bear, and now this!! What am I ever to do, have to think, have to think,,,"

Donna Raagas

Grace, I knew you would have fun with that!

Grace Radacellini

"I am in trouble now, how long before they let me get up from here anyway! I 'm so mad! "

Donna Raagas

Grace, You go, girl!

Diana Fairhurst

Two came to mind as I look at his little shoulders bent over:

"What should I do for Mom for Valentine's this year. She's so good to me."
-Wishful thinking on my part

"16, 17, 18, 19...boy, there sure a lot of ants around here."

How FUN Donna! Your advice for writing is above and beyond wonderful. Anyone who needs help telling their story should have every confidence in your ability. Thanks for sharing!

Donna Raagas

Thanks, Diana! Your remarks are great confidence-builders! I love that your captions are altogether different from my first thoughts--mad, sad, and dejected. I'd like to think that he WAS counting ants or roly-poly bugs!

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