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I'm very envious of your signs of spring! What a fun card...great for a grandma's purse!


Preserving a mood...I like that expression, Donna! And your multi-fold cards are wonderful. Oh, is that green things growing?! We've got weeks & weeks of real winter & snow yet here...*sigh*...LOL! Happy Week :o)

Donna Raagas

Thanks, Tracy! I saw your post with the landscape bathed in snow. Its actually quite beautiful!

Yes, we do have bulbs poking up through the soil! We probably wont get snow here in Forest Grove, but we could still have adeep freeze or more (It IS only February!).

I, too think the Heritage Makers family folds are cute. Theyare very inexpensive to make individually ($3.95), and are discounted even more in packages. Here is a video that shows how any project (including family folds)is made ina Heritage Makers account, should you decide to try one!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrMl7xDp5s4feature=related

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