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That is a sweet photo of your Mom... And not all photos/memories have to preserved "perfectly" in the photos. My hubby & I love to tinker with photography. But we don't always get it right. A very favorite photo is one hubby took of me when we were on our honeymoon in London, taking one of those Thames River cruises... the shot of me is a bit blurred, but Big Ben & Parliament are clear! The moment was tender for it was our last day in London, so the blur probably hides my teary eyes--we had the best time! :o)

Donna Raagas

And that's really the whole point of saving pictures, isn't it? So we can revisit favorite moments. Thanks for sharing, Tracy. It sounds idyllic!


Beautiful Mom and great backsplash! We live in an old home too!


Donna Raagas

Thank you! Aren't old houses fun? Ours is quirky in a good way. After we moved in we started noticing different baseboards in each room, areas where walls were removed, etc. It's been an inside adventure!

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