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I'm a creative and vibrant wife, mother, grandma, friend and Heritage Maker with lots of p + s!


I'm a happily-married licensed teacher with two grown twentysomethings and two grandchildren, who's learning to use my talents outside of the traditional school setting, despite a chronic and jarring health setback.

Everybody experiences stress, but many people don't realize how stress can literally impede your ability to function in the world. I've experienced firsthand the debilitating effects of stress on my roles as a homemaker, teacher, wife, friend, daughter, mother, and community citizen, and it's devastating. Combine stress with concurrent conditions of depression, ADHD, and recently diagnosed Parkinson Disease, and ordinary, everyday tasks become monumental to accomplish. In my case, something had to go, so it was my full-time job as a special education teacher.

I still consider myself a teacher, but with a broad "classroom". Right now I teach adults and young people how to use their photographs and personal stories to leave their legacy in durable books, posters, cards, calendars, playing cards, and home decor using Heritage Makers Studio 3.0. I make posters and other hands-on projects with kids at bazaars as "Pictureteller!" I'm also training adults how to earn money by doing what I do as a Heritage Makers consultant, but I do all these things by appointment, so my schedule is not overloaded.

When I start my morning immersed in God's word and listening to Third Day, Sanctus Real, or Need to Breathe, a clear map of my day unfolds, REALLY!....and I can focus on the necessary. My cluttered brain is so full of creative ideas that without divine guidance, I'd shoot off in a thousand directions in a day! This is a crazy way of saying I'm interested in everything! As diverse as my interests are, I am constantly amazed that God points me to a schedule of activities that integrates my devotion to friends, my passion for creating engaging, encouraging experiences for kids with learning challenges, and my inclination toward artistic expression! If that sounds too warm and fuzzy, it's because I've learned to keep moving forward and I'm always looking up. If I let the obstacles I'm faced with daily dominate my mood, I'd be a raving tyrant, a basket case, or a lost cause. Instead, I'm encouraged--knowing that my trials fortify me, and believing all those interests merge so I can realize my purpose in this world.

I meet a lot of people, which enriches my life immensely, through Picturetelling at bazaars, and my Heritage Makers business, as well as my church and community involvement.

I delight in traveling to visit family and friends who are sprinkled around the country, and especially look forward to spending lots of time with the youngest new family members--my granddaughters.


The Office, The Mentalist, 30 Rock, reading blogs, Bon Jovi, reading my Bible, playing tennis, Guitar Hero, 7-card stud, going to movies, reading, sewing, crafts, tv series on dvd, family, Amtrak travel, authors Anita Shreve, Stephen King, Jon Krakauer, Donald Miller, and Ann Rule, creating season-long film festivals with Blockbuster Online, date nights with my husband, bragging about my kids and granddaughters, Mary Kay Basic skin care set, primer gel and foundation/ Lush Skin Shangri-la moisture/ Maybelline Superstay lipcolor/ MAC eye primer, shadows, and gel eyeliner/ local community events, Air1 and all the musical artists featured there, our cat Bob, Friends of Historic Forest Grove, True Hope Christian Fellowship, Tusa Excavation, Zip Realty and Knipe Realty Pacific Northwest Partners, Supercuts--especially Libby in Beaverton and Christina in Cornelius, and renewed interest: blogging. I am passionate about teaching people to use Heritage Makers Studio 3.0 and looking at their creative projects, picturetelling my pictures + stories in Heritage Makers storybooks/ posters/ playing cards/ journals/ canvases/ and cards. I am also passionate about the personal messages that I receive from God every time I open my Bible! I want to know what others learn when they reach out toThe Word, so I started the Christian Chalkboard blog.